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Karim Darboe
Head, IT Office

The demand for IT knowledge and skills to automate office work is on the increase day- by-day. In NARI, Researchers depend on computers and dedicated software applications to perform their daily work in terms of data entry, processing and information generation. The availability of required IT software and hardware peripherals and their proper upkeep is a fundamental necessity in order to ensure a sustained IT friendly working environment. For research to proceed on and formulate any meaningful conclusion, data must be analyzed in a healthy working computer and researchers must be linked to sources of relevant information. The role of The IT Unit there comes in to provide the support base so that NARI computer and accessories are better configured to serve researchers need.

 Technical support to NARI by this unit is delivered in two forms:

  • IT facilities technical support arm and
  • Electrical appliances technical support arm; which takes care of installation of all electrical appliances, fittings and maintenance of overall electrical problems within NARI.


To have a vibrant and modernize Technical (IT) Unit manned by trained professional who will be able to implement the requisite technical infrastructure to support research information generation, processing, dissemination / publishing and archiving.


  1. To have a functional IT Unit equipped with modern IT facilities which will enable technicians deliver expected output
  2. To implement strategies consistent with modern standards of IT deployment in agricultural research.
  3. To build and maintain the human resource capacity of the unit through training and hiring of Technicians


The Unit provide technical support to wide NARI staff near or remote with the aim of ensuring office work continuity. Our core functions among others as follows:

  • Internet administration on devices such as Desktop PC, Laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc..
  • Website administration; ensuring regular update of NARI website with relevant research findings and other issues.
  • Software installations (Windows Operating systems, Microsoft Office application, antivirus and other utility software applications)
  • Provide desktop support to staff to do certain critical work on their computers to achieve a desired target.
  • To conceive and successfully implement IT strategies and projects that are of timely  as required by NARI with regards to information accessibility, processing, banking and dissemination.
  • Hardware installations (Desktop PC assembly, Desktop installations, Printers and other peripherals).
  • Maintaining the Institutes IT equipment in healthy condition
  • Train staff to acquire computer skills that make them more competent computer users for job enhancement.
  • Carry out any other prescribed assignment to facilitate office work.