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According to the NARI Scheme of Service the “trust of the livestock program are in the area of peri-urban poultry, meat and milk production, fattening of small ruminant and feed production”. The livestock research component focuses on three key areas as prioritized in the Long Term Plan. These areas comprised animal health, animal nutrition and genetic improvement, primarily through selection and cross breeding

Over the years the livestock program have undertook research activities that include; assessment of Newcastle disease feed base vaccine, inventory of locally available animal feeds, upgrading of village chicken through crossing with exotic birds, among others, recent trials include feeding trials on commercial poultry

The mandate of the aquaculture program on the other hand is responsible for fish farming. Specifically rural aquaculture and fish rice culture research

The program is house in Yundum in the West Coast Region. Its staff capacity stands at a principal researcher, two research assistant, five animal attendants and a pond attend.

On station activities include small ruminant rearing, cattle rearing, chicken production and raising of fingerlings